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How to apply YUNYAN wall putty

Today our main topic is for our YUNYAN wall putty, it is quite important to know how to apply wall putty and let this product make fortune for you.

This is my first gift for you whom concerns to our coating and painting in 2018.

18 years ago in China, few people knew what the wall putty was, they got used to apply white cement or portlant cement with 108 latex, it came out a lot of problems such as crackings coming out, peeling off from the base plane......

since we created the polymer cement wall putty, more and more people knows the value of our wall putty and abandons the previous silly construction . At that time in 2000, the price of wall putty was triple compared to today. If your country is developing country, this product deserves you to focus on it.


So what is so called polymer wall putty?

It is made of premium white cement or portland cement, calcium carbonate powder/silicone quartz/ash calcium powder and other polymer additive for instance dispersible emulsion powder or acrylic compound liquid.

It is premixed from 5-7 materials, so we called polymer wall putty.

As above you can see wall putty may be white or gray color, sanded wall putty we call base coat wall putty, unsanded wall putty we call skim coat wall putty.

Base coat mesh size is 70-80, applicable for leveling the uneven or rough base plane, apply by plaster or spray, usually for one or two coat.

Base coat wall putty color is gray or white, usually gray color.

Skim coat mesh size is 325, applicable for leveling the base coat or smooth concrete cement wall, providing more smooth and solid platform, usually for two coats.

Skim coat color is white or grey or other colors, usually white color.

I here sent u the video for better understanding.

(skim coat and base coat)


So you may ask the difference between our wall putty and other branded ones.

Key point is that ours is pure, most of others are not.

This garbage comes from cement, calcium carbonate powder,ash calcium powder and silicone sand, they are all insulated from our wall putty by our advanced automated machine.

Second key point is that our formula has been tested in the market for 18 years, gained wide acceptance by branded paint company.


Even if our formula and quality is good enough, you have to pay attentions to following items, otherwise good quality means nothing:

1) Internal wall putty can not be applied to exterior use and also not to the plywood before proper primer treatment.

2) Renovated skim coat double component wall putty should be applied for the surface of porcelain tile or vitrified tiles for 2 coats, in stead of single part.

3) Renovated base coat double component wall putty should be applied for the surface of mosaic for 1 coat, in stead of single part and then single component skim coat for 2 coats . And also can be applied for the EPS/XPS system.

4)If the weather is hot above 35℃, prewetting the base plane till No water stands there before applying wall putty.

5)Each coat of wall putty should be completely dry before next construction, otherwise mildew and moisture might damage the finish paint.

6)If the base plane is loosen or not strong, YUNYAN wall primer is necessary for this trouble. Treat well until applying the wall putty.

If you do not follow this instruction, the result is as below picture:

7)All wall putty products should be mixed according to the correct ratio provide by YUNYAN company.

Internal skim coat wall putty :  powder : water=100KG: 35L

External skim coat wall putty :  powder : water=100KG: 34L

External base coat wall putty :  powder : water=100KG: 30L

External skim coat wall putty :  powder : additive: water=100kg: 10kg: 25kg

(double component)

External base coat wall putty :  powder : additive: water=100kg: 10kg: 25kg

(double component)

Thin-set plaster mortar :  powder : water = 100KG:18L

8)All wall putty products should be mixed by mechanic mixer instead of by hand made.

9)Skim coat wall putty should not be applied the thickness over 1.0mm, base coat wall putty should not be over 1.5mm for one coat, otherwise it takes long time to be dry and the bubbles and cracks will come out for this problem. Normal thickness for one coat is around 0.5mm for skim coat wall putty.

10) How to apply wall putty on Aluminium panel 


Because of smoothness and modulus of elasticity, aluminium panel should be coated differently from other substrates such as dry wall, gypsum board, plywood and XPS/EPS and SIP system. Cement base wall putty should not be applied to first layer.  We have to use epoxy primer with sand as the surface agent,

Why?  Why not use double component renovated wall putty?

After destroyed testing, we found the adhesion strength force of epoxy primer is much more better.

Therefore first layer epoxy primer with sand for one coat+second layer double component base coat for one coat+ cement stucco for two coats + protection paint.

11) How to apply the wall putty on SIP system:

SIP panels are usually made from MgO board, there are two kinds of MgO, one kind of surface is smooth and the other one is rough.

How to apply the coating properly onto the smooth side of Mgo board?

Do not apply single component wall putty to it!

High water absorption rate (15%) and smoothness base are the killer factors for single component wall putty.  Single wall putty will become efflorescence soon when it is applied. Then all the coating is to be failed.


Double component skim coat wall putty YY-526 is the proper selection.

It provides super adhesion force and solid platform to the next construction of spraying relievo. There are 4 steps to complete the finish coating, double component skim coat for 1 coat+ spray relievo for 1 coat + color primer for 1 coat+color finish paint for 1 coat.



If you want to simplified the construction to 2 steps, you have better change another pattern or construction.

Spray fine sanded stucco in stead of plastering for 2 coats+transparent finish paint for 1 coat.

In the second coat of stucco, you can use tool to make the pattern you prefer.

At last, i would like to let you know our hot sale product thin-set plaster mortar and polishing skim coat wall putty.

Here is the video for these two products.


Thin-set plaster mortar is energy effective and cost effective, save your money and time. Minimum thickness is only 2mm, you know the normal thickness of cement mortar should be above 10mm reinforced with steel mesh, however, thin-set plaster mortar is exceptional.


Polishing skim coat wall putty is another hot sale product for you, leveling and painting are all combined in one product, high cost effective. Normal interior painting is wall putty for two coats, primer for one coat and finish coat for 2 coats.