1. Strong cohesive force with base plane and paint primer.
2. Premixed product, stable quality, long lasting service for 25 years.
3. No impurity, good thixotropy.
4. Excellent crack resistance and water resistance.
5. Eco product and user friendly.
6. Suitable for leveling of concrete base.
7. 25kg/bag for Packing

Main Products & Usage Show

Polishing Type Internal Skim Coat Wall Putty
Renovated type External Base Coat Wall Putty

External Base Coat Wall Putty 

Factory R&D

Specialize in producing and marketing chemical building materials such as tile adhesive & grout,render & plaster mortar, cementitous waterproofing materials, texture stucco, wall putty, thermal insulation mortar, floor hardener & concrete sealer, self-leveling cement screed and natural stone painting. Our Guangzhou factory occupies 10,000 square meters and have 8 production lines.Production capacity is more than 100,000 tons per year.


Since 2010, our products have been exported to "The Belt and Road" countries and gained wide acceptance. We also attended Canton fair and other Exhibition.


We put quality on the first place, the goods should be checked seriously before delivery under complete quality control system. We have owned two brands, one is "YUNYAN" and the other one is "PKT".Both two brands are very famous now in domestic market.Our products have been certified by ISO9001:2008 and HOKLAS standard. 

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